Thursday, February 28, 2008


Question: When will people stop being morons?
Answer: Never.

Buffalo Bills tight end Kevin Everett claims his recovery from a life-threatening spinal-cord injury is “God’s doing.”

The efforts of the crack physicians at Ralph Wilson Stadium or Houston's Memorial Hermann hospital had nothing to do with it, apparently, nor did the scientific advancements made in treating traumatic spinal injuries. Makes you wonder why he went to a hospital at all. His recovery would have been swifter had he simply gone to church. Dumb jock.

And if God healed Everett, why did he break his neck in the first place? Because he’s a twat of infinite proportions? Or did the Devil break his neck? Or was it microscopic aliens? Or was it a fierce helmet to helmet collision with a Denver Bronco? Hmm… one of life’s mysteries.

Bonus Question: What the hell is a “Buffalo Bill?”

Answer: Nobody knows.