Saturday, January 5, 2008

This is next:

Now that Obama is strengthening as a front-runner, the question becomes: What kind of evil bullshit is lurking on the right for him? To answer this question, I ventured into the slimy depths of, and found this:

So if obama is christian, where does he get his unusual name?


I think there may be some credibility to the e-mails. His past is certainly not normal; nor is his name.


I think you are right on - Osama Obama is very dangerous. Why else did he go to a moslem camp in Indonesia?


Since Obama was born to a Muslim father - that made him a Muslim..
If Obama has "renounced" Islam, and REALLY, TRUTHFULLY and PUBLICLY renounced Islam -- then he is in big an apostate the sentence is DEATH.

Please notice -- there has been NO FATWAH to kill Obama for his renunciation of Islam!!!!
Amazing huh.......until you look deeper.

Key Islamic Clerics, the Koran, Muhammad himself and the history of Islam state and demonstrate that Muslims may LIE in any manner necessary to "protect or further the goals of Islam".....

Certainly, gaining the Senate seat and the White House would be worthy goals to allow a Muslim to PRETEND he is a Christian...

Given this "Holy License" to lie --- it is literally IMPOSSIBLE to take a Muslim's word on ANYTHING - IF HE IS A PIOUS MUSLIM INTENT ON YOUR DESTRUCTION.


Osama Obama is lying.He knows that I Slam is like the Latin Kings.Once you’re in you’re in for life.


he is his own sleeper cell.


Were he president, I would be VERY concerned with any emotional or real connection to islam, or being a muslim.

The rearrangement of military dispositions and foreign policy(s) would benefit the muslim world greatly, and specifically the arab part of it.


Of course, he is. His father was Muslim, and, as I understand it, by Islamic law that makes Barack Obama a Muslim. Although the father later became an atheist, once a Muslim always a Muslim. I don't question Barack's veracity. He says he's a Christian, so I have no reason to doubt that he is. But according to Islamic law, he is a Muslim. I am mostly concerned about the fact that billions of Muslims around the world would see him as our first Muslim President.



He never practiced.....

Muslims can LIE... but they won’t DENY.... Islam.

He IS the “Mecca Candidate”.


Well if we get a Commissar Hillary, we don’t get Sharia. If we get a Commissar Obama, we get Sharia.


If he "converted", then what "was" he before the conversion? It is quite clear he was a Muslim, and that if elected, there is a strong likelihood he would re-convert to Islam.


Well actually according to Muslim law,the children of a Muslim are Muslim and to say you are not results in the old neck meets sword.


So that's it: Obama is an evil Muslim sleeper terrorist. This is going to be ugly.