Sunday, January 13, 2008

Taibbi on "Real Time"

Matt was on "Real Time with Bill Maher" Friday night, earning him some extra heat from Writer's Guild strikers & supporters who were already miffed he appeared on Colbert the other night. I guess I can see why WGA strikers would be pissed, but I'm not about to strike Stewart/Colbert or Taibbi off my forces for good list.

And, actually, I'm not sure I get it at all. I mean, Taibbi didn't do any writing for either show, so it's not like he's a scab. And if it's about crossing the picket line to get paid, isn't every member of the crew on these shows equally guilty?

Anyway, Matt was good on Maher, although he got little face time, while professional bullshit emitter Tony Snow employed his elite training as Fox News talk show host and White House Press Secretary, interrupting, filibustering, and making absurd claims.

Taibbi's introduction and most of his face time here:

Matt managed to cut through Snow's wall of crap on the war briefly, starting at about 2:45 in this video:

Here's Matt on Colbert, while I'm at it:

(Note: No writers were paid during the upload of these videos.)