Monday, January 28, 2008


Check out the excellent post on Stop Me Before I Vote Again (revised link takes you directly to the post I refer to) referencing an LA Times article about a common sense approach to the sub-prime mortgage/real estate bubble ramifications. I have always thought that the “a man’s house is his castle” thinking was the creation of some serious exploitative planning. If more people were able to get their head around adopting an ethos of fuck this and walk away from the suburban albatross I think that we would all be much better off. What would the downside of financial collapse be for the already over-worked and out of touch common man be? It would be big problems for the slave-traders no doubt. The more it is worse for them the better it is for the rest of us. Why not get back to basics and let the financiers hang?

If you haven’t checked out SMBIVA you’ve been missing something. Although it has lost a little consistency of late due to other demands on its two primary bloggers, Michael Smith and Owen Paine, it nevertheless offers many a keen insight at times. They have a beautiful disdain for Daily KOS, Democratic Underground and their ilk that I always find refreshing.